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Faculty Phone Directory


Dean of the Faculty: Prof.Dr.Eid Abdel-Wahid Ali Darwish

Telephone: (266) 2347761

Telefax: 086/2366043

E-mail: dean.edu@mu.edu.eg

Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research: Prof.Dr.Sayed Abdel Azim Mohamed

Telephone: (298) 2347761

E-mail: vdpg.edu@mu.edu.eg

Vice Dean for Education and Students Affairs: Prof.Dr.Idris Sultan Saleh Younis

Tel: 2347761/086 (Internal 302)

E-mail: vdss.edu@mu.edu.eg

Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development: Prof.Dr.Asmaa Mohamed Abdelhamed

Tel: 2347761/086 (internal 226)

E-mail: Vodacom.edu@mu.edu.eg


​ Internal Faculty Telephones and their units: ​

Telephone office
266 Faculty Dean
302 Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs
298 Vice Dean for Post Graduate Studies
226 Vice Dean for Environment
343 Head of Curriculum Department
301 Head of Assets Department
221 Head of mental health Department
222 Head of Comparative Education Department
275 Personnel Affair
249 Electronic Services Unit