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التحصيل الإلكترونى

Dean's word

Faculty of Education – Minia University is one of the oldest university faculties and extends its roots to 1957. It was one of four at level of the Republic. Since then, it has spread the light all over Egypt. Students from all governorates of Egypt has enroll to it, then became regional according to the system of faculties of education and its graduates go around to teach these generations of Egyptians who promote science in most of Arab world. Development of education faculties is the beginning of reform for the conditions of our schools and teachers, which are currently undergoing radical changes in their mission, goals and function. The responsibility for preparing Egypt's youth lies with teachers, with students spending 12 years of total teaching years ranging from 16 to 18 years. The programs offered by the Faculty of Education in Minia University represent in their diversity the guarantee of their survival. It combines the integrative system which is the basis of teacher preparation and the sequential system, which are universally applicable. Therefore, Faculty of Education offers nineteen programs for literary and scientific disciplines for teachers preparation of all stages of pre-university, in addition to the general diploma in education (one year and two years) for graduates of all faculties except for faculties of education, 15 vocational diplomas for one year in all educational and psychological disciplines, Six special diplomas and Master's degrees and PHD in educational and psychological sciences and artistic education. The faculty includes finest professors of education and psychology in Egypt, they has held leadership positions in the university and contribute clearly to university development and even to education development in Egypt. They also provide community services in the fields of literacy, development and revision of the pre-university education system and preparation and review of its curricula, audio and visual media programs, and training of teachers in all stages of education in partnership with the Professional Academy of Teachers in Cairo. University administration, Under supervision of Prof. Dr / Mostafa Abdel Nabi, University President and faculty administration together call upon the youth of the future to practice activities in all its forms, believing in the role of activities in building Contemporary Egyptian Human .