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Private units

In addition to the academic mission and graduating specialists, the faculty seeks to educate, raise his conscience,  

and spread the thought of moderation which distinguishes our Islamic and Arab society through some centers in the faculty .

• The Center for Arabic Manuscripts and Papyri and Heritage Dissemination

The center is concerned with the realization and dissemination of heritage, and it accepts students every year to study principles of investigation, indexing and classification for two years .

The center is one of the specialized centers in the Arab Republic of Egypt after the Egyptian Book House and the Manuscripts Institute of the League of Arab States

The center grants postgraduate diploma in the investigation and dissemination of Arab heritage and Arab papyri.

The center acquires 34 illustrated manuscripts, seven microfilm manuscripts and five microvich manuscripts, in addition to manuscripts of historical and scientific value.


Arabic Language Teaching Center

  • Arabic Language Teaching Center

It was established in 1990 and is based on teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. Every year, the center receives students from Al-Farabi University in Kazakhstan to teach them Arabic language and provide them with the correct  

Islamic culture so that they can be advocates in their countries who spread the Arabic language and moderate Islamic thought.