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Strategic goals


The faculty, with all its seven departments, represents one program because it grants one university degree at the bachelor's level, but it is different at the postgraduate stage, as the faculty represents seven programs.

-The objectives of the program are as follows:

- Providing a high-quality program at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels

- Providing integrated services to support the educational process for students, and help them move from university studies to the appropriate work environment.

- Increasing focus on research effort in the service of community development, and increasing the number of researchers at the postgraduate level

Providing an effective contribution in the fields of services, production and culture in Upper Egypt, which enhances the university's position in the Arab and Islamic world.

- Organizing and managing the affairs of the faculty through the optimal use of its resources in order to achieve its mission and the development of financial resources from multiple non-traditional sources.

Providing students in all scientific departments in the faculty with the foundations of knowledge and skills that conform to international standards and meet the needs of society.

Awareness of students and graduates about the problems of society, the environment and professional ethics.

Providing opportunities for scientific growth and development for graduates through postgraduate diplomas, master's and doctoral studies.

- Raising the levels of scientific and technical qualification of faculty staff in the faculty in line with the successive technical and scientific developments.

Providing a database for everything inside the faculty and in the surrounding environment.

Community service and local environment development through technical and professional consultations.