Special Form Deans

The faculty does not only have an academic mission of producing specialists; its mission also includes raising the students’ awareness and disseminating the moderate thought which distinguishes our Islamic and Arab world. This is accomplished through some centers in the faculty:

The Centre for Arabic Manuscripts and Papyri and dissemination of Arab heritage

The center is concerned with verifying and disseminating heritage. It receives students each year attending it for two years to study and investigate the basics of verifying, indexing and classification.

The Centre is considered one of the specialized centers in Egypt after the Egyptian National Library and the Institute of Manuscripts of the Arab League. The Centre awards a Diploma in the verification and dissemination of Arab heritage and the Arabic papyri.

The Centre contains 34 photographic manuscript, seven microfilm manuscripts, and five microfiche manuscripts besides rare manuscripts of historical and scientific value.

Arabic Language Teaching Centre

The center was established in 1990 and attempts to teach Arabic to non-native speakers and it receives each year a student delegation from the University of Al-Farabi, Kazakhstan, to teach them the Arabic language and Islamic culture to provide them with the true Islamic culture to be preachers in their country and spread the Arabic language and moderate Islamic thought.

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