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Faculty mission

Faculty of Dar Uloom is seeking to graduate sophisticated and distinguished students specialized in the Aracic language with its all arts and aspects in addition to the islamic sciences inorder to meet the community needs from specific teachers and researchers also the also the culture institutions through providing then with the basics of the Knowledge skills according to the international standards in the discipline field with the total aware with the environmental and community problems and professional ethics, Also the college mission extended to include improving the graduaties capacities through the intensive courses and the workshops and the Master and Doctorate degree and also improving the position and the state of the Arabic language in the community and illustrating the different concepts if the right and moderate islamic and resisting violence and terrorism in addition to the college participate in enriching and developing the arabic and islamic sciences through the origin researches and developing the community and the surrounding environment through the scientific consultants which related to the arabic lanuguage and its different arts and the islamic sciences