The arabic studies magazine

Journal of Arabic Studies
 It is a scientific journal issued by Faculty of Dar -Aulum - Minia University
 Public Administrator
Prof. Dr. / Abd El -Mouniem Ahmed
Faculty Dean 

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abd El- Rahman Al-Rihani
Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies

Vice- Editor
Prof. Dr. Mounier Abd El-Mageed Fawzi
Vice Dean of Education and Student Affairs
Editor Manager
Dr. Mr. El-Sayed Mohamed Sayed
Editor Secretary
Mr. / Wael Nabil Anas

Editorial Advisors:
Prof. Dr. / Ali Mahfouz Azzam
Prof. Dr. / Mohamed Sharaf El-Deen Khataab


Prof. Dr. / Mohamed Abd El- Rahim Mohammed
Prof. Dr. / Ahmed Arref Higazy
Prof. Dr. /  Neama Ali Mursi
Prof. Dr. / Swsan Nagy Radwan
Prof. Dr. / Mamdouh Abd El -Rahman Alrmaly
Prof. Dr. / Said El-Tawwab Mohammed
Prof. Dr. /  Hafez Gamal El-Deen El-Maghraby


Editor Manager:
Dr / El-Sayed Mohammed Sayed


Tele. Fax: 086-36609


Historical Brief of Arab Studies Journal


 After passing thirteen years of establishing Arabic studies faculty, it began to produce a scientific Intellectual foundation in the faculty. The Journal of Arab Studies is one of those fruits in the year 1996 and in the era of the late Faculty dean / Abd El--Hameed Ibrahim.  And after returning of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abd El- Rahman Al-Rihani from his studying in Netherlands, he offered a proposal to the faculty dean for establishing a scientific journal encourages the students to compete in the scientific publishing and open a field of speech and to know thought of others and the idea strongly encouraged by Prof. Dr./ Abd El-Hameed Ibrahim, who was entrusted to Dr. / Mohamed Abd El- Rahman Al-Rihani to create a list of the magazine. Then the first list has been created in 1996 and  Prof. Dr. Abd El-Rahman El-Rihany donated by 1000 Abd El- Rahman Rihani to open an account for the magazine in the bank .And the magazine began to publish of scientific articles even the first issue was completed, published in October 1996 under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Abd El-Hameed Ibrahim, chief editor of Dr. Mohammed Abd El Rahman Al-Rihani. The magazine became being published twice in the year instead of only one time after converting the faculty name to be Dar-Aulum in 1999 and after existing an advisory commission of the journal. Moreover, this journalcould achieve its goals till it became intellectual .


 Private List of Publishing Rules in Scientific Magazine of Dar-Aulum Faculty

Publishing Rules:

1 - Faculty of Dar Aulum issued - Minia University -a scientific journal, entitled "Arab Studies Journal."

2 – It is a semi-annual journal for publishing the researches submitted by staff members or researchers at universities, as well as there is a field for publishing summaries of theses that will be awarded by the faculty.

3 - The magazine accepts to publish the researches of linguistics field,  Literary and Critic Studies, and Islamic Studies in all languages.

4 – When the editor provides a research for publication in magazine, it must has not been published before in another journal or conference.

5 - Researches have to be written on the computer.

6 – The original research has to be submitted to the editor of magazine, and the top of the first page includes research title, followed by the name of the researcher and his job in brackets, (to provide a summary of the research within the ten lines in Arabic).

7 - Works submitted to secret arbitration subjected to the followed system used in the magazine provided being accurate in the research topic and the editorial staff address all universities to provide them with names of professors at the level of different specializations.

8 – Those writing works submitted to the magazine, have not been  whether accepted or not for publication.

9 –These following points must be taken into account in preparing the references list:

A - The book: the author's name - Date  - Book Title - Place of publication - Publishing.

B - Articles and journals ,entitled by the name of article's owner - Title - Name of Dispatch - No. and date of issue – pages number of the article.

C - Theses begins by the author's name – Its title - college and university - history.

D -  The researcher provides a research that is required to be published in Journal through copying it on computer , using Microsoft Word, handwriting "Simplified Arabic", font 16, the distance between the lines to be fully 18 and the distance between paragraphs 6 points, and provides the research, recording on a Floppy Disk size 3.5-inch, in addition to hard copy on paper size A4.

E – To provide all forms and maps drawn in Ashini

ink on  the paper.
F - The researcher has To provide a summary in English in the range of 200 to 250 words.
G - The researcher provides a separate A4 sheet with a brief history of his academic work and specialization as well as his scientific interests, to use this data for introducing himself to the readers.
10 - To give a free copy of the magazine to the faculties and scientific and research centers within the Republic or outside , specified by the editorial board of the magazine in the light of interest of those scientific institutions in specialization fields.
11 - A copy of the magazine is given to all of the research owners published in the magazine .
12 - A copy of the magazine is given to the editorial board of the magazine.
13 - It can be granted a copy of the magazine to those VIP , interested in Arabic Studies.
14 - Ten copies of each new version of the Egyptian  books House are deposited.
15 - Five copies are sent to the Library of Alexandria.
16 - Faculty Library is supported with five copies of each version.
17 - Central Library of the university are provided with two copies of each version.
18 – The researches, written in foreign languages can be accepted and published in the fields of specialization according to the publishing rules of magazine.
19 - The views expressed in scientific researches, which published in the magazine reflect the views of their owners without taking any responsibility of these views.
20 - The editorial board of the magazine has the right to reject any researches are not appropriate without giving reasons for their owners.
21 -  Service of Electronic Number can be provided to the magazine through a compact disc according to the cost price.
22 – Researches must be published in the magazine, according to its precedence after being prepared in its final form for publication.