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The Faculty Dean’s Speech

My sons and daughters students of Dar Al Uloom Faculty

Welcome to your faculty of Dar Al Uloom, this faculty which holds the privacy of other faculties of the university, as it is keen to preserve our Arab and Islamic identity, spread the culture of moderation, love and peace, and renounce violence and terrorism, according to your study of what you learn from the true religion calling for mercy and peace You have chosen a way that requires continuous effort, intensive training, practice and self-reliance in study, research and knowledge.

I am sure that you are qualified so I advise you all to organize time and attention to lectures, so that you will be able to present the moderation of Islam, and the vision that opposes extremism, We do not forget my sons and daughters students that our state at this moment is in need of competent scientists to advance our country; you are the locomotive of development, you must take care of all the elements of university life, and as far as I am asking you to increase your knowledge through your professors, I invite you to practice the activities provided by Your faculty (cultural, sports, social, artistic, etc.),

which develop your talents and refine your personality, which makes you feel more belonging and get used to leadership and management and achievements. The faculty is represented in its management is keen to provide the necessary atmosphere for you to teach, learn and practice activities through its channels, and always communicate with you.

Our mission is with you and your society to address its linguistic, literary, historical, legal and intellectual problems and the love of the nation because it is a legitimate duty.

May God bless you and pay your footsteps. Long live Egypt with its honorable sons

The Faculty Dean