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Faculty departments and degrees :

The faculty consists of the following departments:

• Department of syntax, morphology, and prosody.

• Department of Linguistics and Semitic and Eastern studies

• Department of Literary Studies.

• Department of Rhetoric and Criticism.

• Department of Islamic legislation

• Department of Islamic Philosophy.

• Department of Islamic History and Civilization.

- Minia University grants, upon the request of the Faculty of Dar Al Uloom, the following academic degrees and diplomas:


• Bachelor's degree in Arabic language, literature and Islamic sciences.

• M.A degree in Arabic language and literature.

• M.A in Islamic sciences.

• PhD degree in Arabic language and literature.


• Diploma in the investigation of Arabic manuscripts and papyri and the dissemination of heritage.

• General Diploma in Arabic Language and Literature.

• General Diploma in Islamic Studies.

• Special Diploma in Language Studies.

• Special Diploma in Literary and Critical Studies.

Special Diploma in Islamic Studies.