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The Faculty was firstly established under the name of The Faculty of Arabic Studies according the Presidential Decree no.


(293) for 1983. Then the name was changed into the Faculty of Dar El Uloum according to the Presidential Decree no. (470) on 29/11/1999.


The Faculty entered the stage of Development in 2005/2006. The faculty was reviewed in 2007/2208, and it is in the second stage of accrediting in the project of CIQAB.


The faculty is not only satisfied with its academic mission and graduated only specialists but also extends to raise human awareness , educates him and publish thought combining between our Arabia and Islamic society .


The faculty includes seven departments:


Linguistics, Semitic and Eastern Studies


Rhetoric, Literary Criticism and Comparative Literature


Syntax, Morphology and Metric


Islamic History & Islamic Culture


Islamic Philosophy 


Literary Studies

Islamic Law