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• Technical Committee Fine Arts :


Award Winners (pencil drawing )

Student: Mohamed Abd el-Bunni Shaaban Abd el-Qader

Student: Aya Najeh Abdul Rashid

Student: Ahmed Farghaly Ali

Student: Kholoud Lotfy Hassan

Student: Dahab Magdy Shaker

Winners of the competition (Artwork - Paper)

Student: Hasna Zahran Hassan

Student: Omar Mohammad Abdul Ghani Muhammad

• Winners of the first place in the competition (color photography) Scientific Committee:

Names of the female students participating in the Scientific Information League

Student: Asmaa Syed Ahmed

Student: Zahra Mustafa Mohammed

Student: Mohammed Mustafa Mohammed Ibrahim

Student: Esraa Arian Fathy

In the skills of evaluation presentations entitled: Fourth generation wars

Cultural Committee

Student: Ahmed Mohamed Rabie

First place in short story

Student: Dina Mohamed Mohamed

First place in classical poetry