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Publishing rules

 The journal publishes original scientific researches that represents an addition to the fields of scientific research in the field of social sciences, and welcomes theoretical studies of a holistic nature, as well as interdisciplinary studies .

The journal publishes scientific reports and follow-ups on conferences and scientific activities in the fields of social sciences, as well as reviews of recent books related to the journal's interests.

 It  dedicates a corner to provide an analytical vision for recent important reports issued by international forums and institutions related to social sciences.

 The research submitted to the journal is required to:

 The research must not have been previously published, and not submitted for publication in another journal.

 The research should not be part of a doctoral or master's thesis that was previously submitted.

 The research is free of linguistic, grammatical and typographical errors.

 The first page of the research includes the full title of the research, the name of the researcher or researchers, places of work, and the correspondence address in detail.

 The second page of the research includes an accurate summary in Arabic within 200 words. This page begins with the title of the research, and the name of the researcher is not written in it.

 The third page of the research includes a summary in English (a translation of the Arabic summary with the same conditions).

 Keywords are written below the two abstracts, each in its own language, with no more than seven words.

 The text of the research starts from the fourth page, and includes the title of the research without the name of the researcher.

 The number of research pages should not exceed 50 pages, including tables, figures and appendices.

 When writing the research, the researcher takes into account the following rules:

 B5 page scale (17.5*25), writing margins 12*20cm, Single space, Font type within the text: Simplified Arabic, font 12, and Times New Roman, font 11. The main headings are in font 14 PT Bold Heading, and the sub-headings are in font 14 Bold.

The researcher shall abide by the (APA) system when quoting (i.e. writing references within the body of the research), by mentioning in parentheses the first and last name of the author, year of publication, page number or pages.

Documentation of references at the end of the research:

In the case of a published book : author's last name, first name, (published year), book title, edition, publishing house, publishing entity.

 In the case of a translated book : the name of the original author (the year), the title of the book, the translation (...), the publishing house of the book, the publishing entity.

 The tables and figures are placed directly in the text of the research, taking into account their numerical sequence within the text.

 The research is sent through the journal’s website http://www.ekb.eg/web/guest/journal in two formats, PDF and  Word.

 The research is referred -electronically to two refereed professors in the field of specialization and if the arbitration panel finds that the research needs to make some amendments, their opinion is binding and the research is returned to the researcher to complete the required amendments.

 journal administration follows up the researcher’s implementation of the referees’ notes, and reviews the research before agreeing to publish it.

 All opinions expressed in this journal are those of their owners and do not necessarily reflect the journal 's point of view .