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Faculty's library

The Department of Libraries, Information and Documents presented a project to develop and automate the library of the Faculty of Arts - Minia University, which aims to automate the library according to the Future Library System, which is adopted by the Supreme Council of Universities, and was approved by t faculty board on 1/1/2008 .

Accordingly, the library’s Arabic books have been indexed “inside the faculty and the department of New Minia,” which has so far reached (27,355) titles, at a rate of (31,751) copies, according to the project’s latest statistics “until 12/31/2008. The completion of data collection for foreign books, amounting to ( 2,200 titles (4,200) copies Five (5) computers were provided and connected to the global information network “Internet” from within the library A website for the Faculty of Arts has been added on the Future System for Libraries (through the Supreme Council of Universities) Entry operations are being implemented. For all these data on the system and attached hereto, another statistic of the input operations that were implemented during the mentioned period.

 It is worth noting that the implementation of this project depends on a group of “specialized” students and graduates of Library Department, and it is supervised by faculty staff and their assistants ,Prof. Mohammed Hassan Jadallah, Project Coordinator Prof. Amal Abd el Majid Fawzy Member Prof. Ibrahim Hassan Abu Al-Khair Member Prof. Mohammad Fathi Mahmoud Member Member Prof. Metwally Ali Mohammad Member Prof. Ahmed Maher Khafaji Member and Prof. Mohammed Hassan Jadallah, project coordinator .