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The college is located in division of Chalabi area at the north of the city of Minya, on an area of 17160 m 2 and on a flat and vertical area estimated by 31023 m 2 and includes a number of laboratories and factories and the area of green spaces is estimated by 2000 m2.
The study began in the Faculty of Arts, Minia University in 15/11/1970 by the Presidential Decree 1803 to the year 1970, getting the fourth rank after the Faculties of Arts of Cairo, Ain Shams and Alexandria universities in the light of this history. The College serves to graduate students in different specializations to meet the scientific and professional needs for the governmental institutions, and to raise the capabilities of graduates.
These specializations are determined in the Arabic language, English, French, sociology, philosophy, psychology, history, geography, media, Islamic studies, archeology, documents libraries, and theatre sciences. In addition, there are some academic programs on its way to the opening, including the Department of Population Studies. As for The open education programs, the program of media was opened, as there was a program of Sociology (specialization of civil society and development).
The faculty includes 227 stuff members and assistants who teach 18 academic programs through 671 academic curriculums to 14018 students (6223 male and 7795 female).
Those students serve a multidisciplinary library which has 6100 Arabic books and 18887 foreign books, 4500 Arabic periodicals and 2700 foreign periodicals as its total estimated by 87038 workbooks, the number of its visitors estimated by 682500 in the academic year of 2006/2007