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Prof /  Mahmoud Hamed Shawkat

Holds the following degrees

Bachelor of Arts from Cairo University in 1942

Diploma of the University of Higher Education in 1944

Diploma of the University of Extra in England, 1946

Doctor of Arts, Cairo University, 1952

Ph.D. in Languages, Cornell University, USA, 1962

Dean of the faculty  from 23/9/1970: 16/10/1972

And from 13/10/1975 : 30/9/1977


Prof / Abd El-Moneim Shawky

Holds the following degrees

Bachelor of Agriculture School

The Social Service of the Columbia University School of Education in America

Masters: Work with universities (basic) Social Psychology (sub-sections)

PhD: Development of Societies (Sociology)

Dean of the faculty from 17/10/1972 to 12/10/1975

And from 1/10/1977 to 4/9/1979


Prof / Yousry Abd El Razek El Gohary

 Bachelor of Arts Geography 1975 from the Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University

Ph.D. from the University of Redding, England, 1964

Dean of the faculty  from 1979 to 1982

President of Minia University from 1982 to 19


Prof / Abd El Hady Ahmed El Gohary

He was Born in 1939. Menoufia BA of Arts, Cairo University, 1962. Master of India, 1966

Ph.D.  India Meeting 1970 Dean of the Faculty 1982: 1988

Dean of the faculty 

From 15 August 1994 to 24 September 1999


Professor / Masry  Abd El- Hamid Hanoura

He was Born in 1939 in Behara

Bachelor of Arts Cairo University

Doctor of Psychology from Cairo etiquette

Dean of the Faculty from 1988 to 1994


 Prof / Mohamed Naguib El- Talawi

He was Born in Minya 13/7/1953

Bachelor of Arts, Assiut University, 1975

Master of Arts, Minia university , 1982

Ph.D. of Arts, Minia, 1986

Dean of the faculty

From 25 September 1999

And until 24/9/2005