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Student Affairs


Procedures for accepting new students

Receive student files from the coordination office

Enrolling  files in the documents of candidates .

Issuance of medical examination forms

Issuance of payment authorizations to pay tuition fees

Extracting student cards

Complete the forms of desire to join the departments

Enrolling accepted students

Distribute students into different departments

Forming a committee to distribute students "internal coordination"

Procedures for transferring to and from the Faculty

The student submits to the faculty in which he is nominated, to transfer another faculty after completing the extract of the case statement to be submitted faculty to which he wants to transfer.

Acceptance is considered when the student has obtained the minimum total required by the faculty to which he wants to transfer

Transferring centrally through the central students affairs at the university

Cases are presented to a board to consider their acceptance depends on the of  university president  .

The student fulfills the conditions qualifying for admission "stamp of transfer - filling in his data"

The application file is requested from the faculty from which it is transferred .

Procedures for obtaining license certificates and receiving the file

The student applies to Students Affairs Unit to obtain a disclaimer .

The student applies to obtain and pay the fees prescribed for each certificate

The certificate is written on computer after completing its data, reviewing it by specialists, and certifying it by the vice dean and dean of the faculty .

The certificate is delivered to the graduate or authorized on his behalf and approved by the state seal .

University Card

The student brings a payment permission from students affairs  office.

The student pays the expenses in the faculty  .

The student submits the fee payment receipt with a personal photo to student affairs to obtain the university card

Social Solidarity Fund

In order to receive the Takaful Fund subsidy, follow the following steps:

Withdrawing the solidarity fund form from the faculty's Youth Welfare Office

The student Fill in the data .

The student submits a social research including "the salary of the father or the mother".

The documents shall be submitted to the Youth Welfare Office of the faculty for examination and estimation of eligibility.

The financial or in-kind subsidy is disbursed according to the student’s condition .