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The faculty  has a number of educational units concerned with providing practical and field training services these units are:

 The Training and Research Unit in the Sociology Department

The unit includes a number of training and research specialists.

The unit organizes field training programs for students of the Sociology Department from the second year to the fourth year. Training is carried out on social work and field research. The Training and Research Unit also organizes seminars, symposia and conferences on training and research in cooperation with the training, planning and research departments of governmental bodies and departments and various non-governmental organizations. The training unit organizes a scientific summer camp for training on field work. It also organizes two scientific trips for the students of the department

 Surveying and maps lab in the Geography Department:

 The lab has devices for simple surveying operations such as tapes, compasses and planks. There are also new surveying devices that work with lasers, modern scales and theodolite with a microcomputer. There are some devices for some aerial photographs such as an astroscope, and devices for display such as a projector, and measuring devices. Weather elements: thermograph, hygrograph, barograph

 Linguistics lab in the language departments

 The faculty  has 2 modern linguistics labs equipped with modern display devices .

Psychology lab in the Department of Psychology

Consists of several sub-labs:

Statistical lab

Psychometric Lab.

Physiological lab.

Isolated experimental room.

Animal Psychology Laboratory The laboratory represents a basic unit for training students of the Department of Psychology and conducting scientific experiments in various fields of psychology. These devices and tests serve all faculty members in their scientific research

Computer Unit

Includes a computer unit and an information technology club and more than 60 computers .

 It provides services for learning computer and its various programs for students in accordance with the study regulations that have been updated in the various scientific departments of the faculty to ensure that computers are taught to students in each department.

The unit also provides training programs for computer literacy and offers advanced courses for students.