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Departments chairman

1 Chairman of English Language Department Prof /  Rida Ali Hassan

2 Chairman of Arabic Language Department  Prof /  olaa Ismail Al Hamzawi

3 Chairman of the Department of French Language Prof /  Eman Mahmoud Abdel-Qawy Zahran

4.Chairman of History Department Prof / Salah Ahmed Eid

5.Chairman of the Department of Geography Prof / Ahmed Mousa Mahmoud

6. Chairman of Media Department Prof /  Salwa Abu Ela

7. Chairman of social department Prof /  Jamal Saleh Metwaly El Zanaty

8. Chairman of Philosophy Department Prof / Ahmed Mahmoud Al-Jazzar

9. Chairman of Department of Psychology Prof / Barakat Hamza Hassan

10. Chairman of Department of Archeology, Prof / Sadaka Musa

11. Chairman of Department of Islamic Studies Prof /  Wajih Mahmoud Ahmed

12. Chairman of Documents and Libraries Department Prof / Tafeeda Samir Mahmoud

13. Chairman of Department of Theater Sciences Prof /  Dalal Ismail Mohamed

14. Chairman of Population Studies Prof / Ahmed Farouq El-Ghammi