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The unit missions

1- To put the vision, mission and strategic goals of the unit and the executive plans , endorsed by the council of Art Education faculty.

2- Put the administrative and organizational structure of the unit ,endorsed by the faculty council.

3- Activate the system of internal quality assurance in the faculty for including the academic and non academic activities

. 4- Put standards of activation the internal review of academic and non academic activities in the faculty.

5- Support and follow the faculty management at putting the faculty's mission,vision and strategic goals for being published.

6- To organize workshops according to training needs of the faculty members and apply the quality requirements such as report of the curriculum and programs and use the latest systems in education.

7- Be sure that the educational outputs achieve the mission and strategic goals of the university& faculty.

8- Follow the annual reports of the faculty evaluation.

9- Put a standard for activation the students participation at the unit activities.

10- Put work plan for publishing the quality culture at the level of the students, staff members and administrators.

11- To study training needs of the faculty members and administrators and put training plans with the specialists from inside and outside the faculty and university for developing their abilities.

12- To follow the external evaluation of academic programs and evaluate its reflection on the educational process.

13- Follow projects of the quality assurance at the faculty( The units of special form) .

14- Discuss the quality cases in the faculty council, the main committees and departments councils.

15- To strengthen the relation with center of quality assurance at the University. 16- Prepare an annual report of the unit activity for quality assurance center at Minia university.