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Unit Tasks

-:Quality Assurance Unit works on 

1-Putting the vision, mission, strategic goals and the executive plans of the unit and approving it from the council of Art Education faculty..

2-Forming the administrative and organizational structure of the unit, and approving it from the faculty council.

3-Activating the internal quality assurance system in the faculty to include academic and non-academic activities and approving it from the faculty council.

4-Putting the mechanisms to activate internal review of academic and non-academic activities in the faculty in coordination with the various departments and approving it from the faculty council.

5-Supporting and following-up the faculty administration in putting the mission, vision and strategic goals of the faculty.

6-Organizing workshops according to training needs of the academic staff and applying the quality requirements such as report of the curriculum and programs in addition to using the latest systems in education.

7-Assuring that the educational outputs achieve the mission and strategic goals of the university & faculty.

8-Following the annual reports of the faculty evaluation.

9-Putting the mechanism to activate student participation at the unit activities.

10-Putting an action plan to spread quality culture at the level of students, academic staff and administrators.

11-Studying the training needs of the academic staff and administrators also putting training plans with the specialists from inside and outside the faculty and university for developing their abilities.

12-Following the external evaluation for the academic programs and evaluating its reflection on the educational process..

13-Following up on the quality assurance projects at the faculty (The units of special form)..

14-Discussing quality issues in the faculty council, the main committees and department’s councils.

15-Strengthening the relation with the University's Quality Assurance Center.

16-Submitting an annual report on the unit's activity to the Quality Assurance Center at Minia University.