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Historical Brief

♦The idea of establishing the Faculty of Art Education dates back to 1997 when Prof. Dr. Hanna Habib Ramla, who was acting a head of the Art Education Department at the Faculty of Education at that time, and Prof. Dr. Amal Hamdi Asaad Arafat, Assistant Professor at the Art Education Department, submitted a statement regarding the establishment of the Faculty of Art Education for which the art education department would be its nucleus.

♦In 2013, the request of establishing the Faculty of Art Education was renewed by Prof. Dr. Hanna Habib Ramla and Prof. Dr. Amal Hamdi Ahmed Arafat after the return from their secondment with the support of the former President of Minia University Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ahmed El-Sharif, where the project was prepared again and the necessary administrative procedures were followed.

♦ After that, the faculty was established according to the decree of the Supreme Council of Universities in its session held on 6/7/2013 which approved on:

- Establishment of the Faculty of Art Education, Minia University.

- Take the necessary legislative procedures for this decree.

- Decree of the Prime Minister No. 1231 of 2013 amending certain provisions of the executive regulations of the law on the organization of universities.

- Decree No. 1636 of the President of Minia University, on 25/9/2013, regarding appointment Prof. Hanna Habib Ramla, Professor at Department of Art Education, on being Dean of the Faculty of Art Education at the University.

♦Thus, the Faculty of Art Education became No. 2 in Egypt and the Middle East and No. 18 among the faculties of the University. It is worth mentioning that the first-year students were accepted in 2013/2014. Also the faculty applies the same bylaw as Helwan University.

♦ President of Minia University issued a decree to appoint Prof. Dr. Suad Hassan Abdel Rahman, Acting as a Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, and appoint Prof. Mounir Mohamed Samir Abdel-Maqsoud , Acting as a Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research.