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Faculty Premises

1- The main faculty building:

In front of the central medical administration building at the university and behind the information technology center (ITC). The main building includes:

a) The ground floor includes:

Office of student affairs, student welfare library, graduate office, employee’s office, library, treasury, warehouses, public affairs, electronic portal office.

b) The first floor includes:

- Office of Prof. Dr. Dean of the Faculty.

- Vice Deans.

- Department of Art Education Sciences.

- Department of Criticism and art appreciation.

- Faculty Secretary.

-Office of Quality Unit.

C) The second floor: Department of Artistic Crafts and Heritage.

D) The third floor: Department of Decorative Design.

(e) The fourth floor: Department of Drawing and Painting.

2- The ground floor of the old building includes the department of Holographic Expression.