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Youth Care Activities


1.     Sports Activity

It includes all team sports (like football, volleyball, handball, basketball) and individual sports (like swimming, table tennis, weight-lifting, wrestling, cycling, athletics, squash, tennis, physical fitness) for both male and female students.

2.      Cultural Activity

It includes cultural researches, competitions in The Holy Quran, general information, poetry, etc.

3.     Social activity and Trips

It includes social reports, chess, courses in first aid, etc.

4.     Wandering and public services activity

 For both male and female students

5.     Artistic activity

It includes chorus, music, folk arts, theatre and acting.

6.     Families Activity

It includes art galleries, wall magazines, different competitions, etc.

Conditions of family registering:

§     Members must not be less than 50 students.

§     A student must register in only one family.

§     Fees must be paid.

7.     Sciences Club

It adopts the scientifically and intellectually talented students in order to produce scientific inventions and develop the students’ abilities in using computers.

          II.      The office carries out the procedures of Students Union elections under the supervision of the faculty administration.

       III.      The office provides students with social care through Grants Fund including financial and concrete grants like eyeglasses, clothes, textbooks.

Procedures of getting a grant from the Grants Fund:

1-    Filling in the Grants Fund form..

2-    Presenting a social report, including the number of family members, endorsed by the social unit the student belongs to.

3-    Presenting what indicates the family income:

a.     If the guardian works in a governmental institution, the student presents details of the salary.

b.     If the guardian is a farmer, the student presents what indicates that the guardian has no lands, endorsed by the agricultural association.

c.      If the guardian has his own business, the student presents a certificate indicating the guardian’s income, endorsed by a governmental institution.

4-    The social grant is restricted for the new Egyptian students who have not been punished by the university.

5-    The students are chosen according to special rules by the concerned committee