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Youth Care Activities

The Student Welfare Office of the faculty provides many activities and services to the students of the faculty with the aim of launching the energies of youth and the strength of their talents and abilities to think and work to train them in leadership and responsibility through the exercise of various activities prepared and supervised by the technical and administrative staff of the Office of Student Welfare. These activities are as follows:

1- Sporting activity:

It includes ( Football - volleyball - handball – swimming- Weights - Squash - Table Tennis - etc. 

2- Artistic activity:

It includes (Plastic Art - Playing Music - Singing - Theatre – Choir)

3- Cultural Activity:

It includes(Article - poetry - story - theater - general information – conversations,etc.)

4- Social activity:  

It includes (male and female ) ideal student, social research, etc.)

5- Scientific activity:

It includes(Innovations - science clubs - science competitions - etc.)

6- Families and trips:

It includesvarious social and sports competitions at the university level.

7- Scouting and public service:

It includes (scouts - public service camps – literacy)