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Faculty Conceptual Framework

The idea of establishment the faculty of art education, Minia university based on the following philosophical and educational concepts:-

1- Providing the skills of art and art education to the learners in different educational stages which contribute in forming the completed character who able to adapt with changes of life , Keep up with the scientific, art, and technological progress which distinguished the modern age .

2- Concerning on teaching art and art education contributes with appositive way in completing the experience and knowledge to the learner which make him good citizen to the society able to adapting with the changes of life and its renewing.

3- Contemporary concept of art education skips the limits of education profession and spread in all aspects of life and open new fields in front of faculty graduated for example: Presses, media, advertising companies and treatment with art , sportive clubs and Cultural center. And other fields in which the faculty graduates contribute significantly to community service.