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  1. Providing educational programs in the field of foreign languages ​​at a high level of quality and developing it in line with global developments.
  2. Contributing to the promotion of the translation movement to and from the Arabic language and participating in the arbitration of the translated works according to precise criteria.
  3. Creating a scientific cultural environment that provides students with opportunities for self-development.
  4. Giving students practical experience through training and preparing them to serve the community.
  5. Developing the capabilities of graduates to pursue learning and professional development after graduation and qualify them to compete in the labor market.
  6. Contributing to the service of the community by holding courses and workshops in foreign languages ​​and translation.


Strategic Goals: 1. Preparing the faculty for accreditation from the National Authority for Quality Assurance 2. Improving the educational and technological environment and infrastructure of the faculty and laboratories.3. Restructuring curricula and courses and ensuring that they conform to the National Academic Standards 4. Developing the faculty staff and raising the skills of faculty members, assistants and employees.5. Raise the efficiency of the educational process by establishing a distinctive program that serves the faculty.6. Developing the research plan of the faculty and linking it to the community service.7. Establishing a subsidiary department of the Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs.8. Marketing the services of special centers to provide sources of support and self-funding for the faculty.9. Publishing the guide of credibility, ethics, intellectual property rights and other university literature and norms.10. Developing systems and methods of assessment and examinations