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The Administrative Staff          

The Faculty Administration consists of:

The Faculty Dean: Prof. Dr. El-Sayed El-Sayed Sohaim

Vice Dean for Students Affairs: Prof. Dr. Abdul Hamid Ali Ali Ghallab

Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies: Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Hamid

Vice Dean for Environmental Affairs: Prof. Dr. Imad El_Din Roshdi Abdul- Hamid

Electronic Portal Administration:

Editor: Dr. Ahmed Abdullah

Developer: Marwa Ragab Taha

Translator: Rabab Mehanny

Director of Quality and Development Unit: Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Saber

The Faculty Secretary: Sir/ Omar Abdul-Aziz Awad

Director of Dean’s Office: Mrs. / Magda Salah Mohamed

Director of Employees Affairs: Mrs. / Safaa Abdul-Rahman Abdul-Sabour

Director of Youth Care: Mrs. / Harbiya Shabaan Ahmed

Students Affairs Director: Sir/ Mohamed Abdul-Moniem Morsi

Financial Affairs Director: Sir. / Youssef Imbabi Mohamed

Postgraduate Studies Director: Sir/ Khairy Mohamed Abdul Rahim

Cultural Relations Director: Mrs. / Manal Mohamed Fathy

Director of Stores Department: Sir/ Samir Galil Ayaad

Treasury Director: Sir/ Mohamed Ahmed Abdul-Qader

Maintenance Department Official: Sir/ Ahmed Fouad Mohamed

Administrative and Public Affairs Official: Sir/ Tohami Ismaiel Mahmoud