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Faculty of Alsun - Minia University is one of the oldest faculties in the university. It was established in 1997 to be a distinguished scientific institution that contributes effectively to achieving University's vision and mission. Now It includes departments of English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Chinese Languages.  The faculty seeks to expand the programs of graduate studies to meet the needs of the local and regional market according to scientific methodology and deep vision. In order to achieve excellence and leadership, the faculty seeks to prepare qualified educational staff capable of education, development and scientific research, which the University seeks to achieve and to provide all material and moral resources that assist the faculty member in publishing outstanding scientific research. The faculty has been keen to provide a specialized administrative staff with all the potentials that encourage him to attend specialized courses that will improve the performance, especially in the field of electronic management for providing a suitable environment to the educational process so that our students can achieve the highest levels of academic qualification enhanced by the spirit of belonging and honesty to carry out their duties in the centers in which they work at homeland and abroad.In conclusion, I call on my colleagues to be all at the level of responsibility, to work in the spirit of one team, and we call on our students to take advantage of all the available resources to serve them to be able to carry the mission and achieve the vision of faculty and university