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Common Rules for Ph.D. and M.Sc. Degrees:

Registration Schedule
Postgraduate students are enrolled for two master's and doctorate degrees twice a year. Applications for registration are submitted during January and August of each year. Students are required to assist the JISC during period required for the preparation of the research plan and submit it to the staff before recommending registration.
1- The faculty council shall be appointed upon the proposal of the Council of the relevant department as the main supervisor in the specialization branch among the professors and assistant professors supervising the student and preparing the letter. It may be assisted in supervising from the same specialization or from outside the specialization one or two staff from professors or assistant professors or teachers provided that at least two years have passed since his / her employment as a teacher of a master's degree. and three years to supervise the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Sciences. In the event that the student searches outside the university, with the approval of the faculty council, the supervisor may be assisted by one supervisor from outside the college or specialization from outside the country who meet the qualifying conditions to benefit from his experience in research related to his specialization upon request The main supervisor and the approval of the relevant department council. In all cases, the number of supervisors shall not exceed three for the master's degree and four for the doctoral degree.
2. The main supervisor shall submit the proposal of the research plan to complete the required papers to accept the student registration. at the end of each academic year, the supervising committee shall submit a report to the department council on the progress of the student in his research and the file of the student after the presentation of this report to the faculty council and the faculty council These reports are repeated if they are not sick, and they warn of dismissal when their first report is submitted.
3. The department of postgraduate studies shall follow up the organizational procedures of all students and inform the principal supervisor in due course during the registration period of the procedures to be taken that are consistent with the rules in the list of graduate studies.
4- In the case of the travel of one of the supervisors other than the main supervisor (or the oldest members in the case of non-specificity) abroad, the main supervisor shall submit a full report on the progress of the student's research until the date of his travel and may be removed from the supervision after a general expiration of his travel after taking the opinion of the department council and approval of the faculty council . In the case of whether the borrower or the external delegate is the sole supervisor of the main supervisor, the Council of the Scientific Section is to reconsider the formation of the Supervisory Committee, and in the case of second ment of the principal supervisor (or senior members) abroad or for more than a year, The relevant department council shall review the formation of the supervisory committee and determine the main supervisor.
5 - If the sole supervisor of the letter died or traveled for more than a year, it must be submitted to the Council of the department to consider the proposal of another supervisor or a supervisory committee.
6. The supervisor who died after his participation in the Supervisory Committee for a period of more than one year shall retain all his material and moral rights. In this case, after the approval of the competent department council, an additional supervisor may be appointed without prejudice to the total number of the supervisory committee.
7. After submitting a report, the main supervisor shall submit a report to the relevant department council regarding its suitability to submit to the panel of judges together with the proposal to form a committee of governance and discussion.
8. No amendments may be made to the Supervisory Commission except as provided in paragraphs (4), (5), (6) of Article (9) and what the Council of the Section considers in exceptional cases.

requirements General Requirements

1- The study is conducted in accordance with the credit hours system, according to the following schedule. The general requirements of the college include 6 credit hours as follows:
- Master's degree (M.Sc.)
- General Requirements (GW * 600) Methods of Scientific Research and Writing Letters 3 credit hours
- General Requirements (GS 699): 3 credit hours PH.D.
- General Requirement (GS 700) Reference Research 3 credit hours
- General Requirements (GC 799): 3 credit hours
* (GS) General Requirements of the College
2 - The study of the course of research methods and write scientific messages to identify the student scientific method of research and how to write letters, research and scientific reports.
3 - The study of the decision to discuss and discuss two semesters during which the student will attend all the discussion sessions of the course and cost the student in the first semester to read, summarize and present a modern scientific reference in the branch of specialization in agreement with the Supervisory Committee and attend the discussion. In the second semester, the student presents the findings of the research in his study and the attendees discuss it.
The assessment of students in a research and discussion course is determined by 40 degrees for the supervision committee and 60 for the attendance of the faculty in the department
1- The field of preparing the research course in one of the modern scientific fields related to the specialization should be determined by the department council. The student should be evaluated through a tripartite committee proposed by the relevant department council.
Courses Graduate Courses
Coding System for coursework by placing the code code of the teaching section before the number at the level of the course in the number of hundreds as follows:
A - Courses for postgraduate diploma: Code 500
B - Courses of the master stage: Code 600
C - Courses of the doctoral stage: Code 700
The student may be assigned a master's degree, or a doctoral course, to study one or more undergraduate courses if required by the study, upon the proposal of the supervisory committee, approval of the relevant department board, and the college council without counting its units.