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Registration requirements for Master:

The registration of the student to study the master's degree in agricultural sciences requires the following:
1- The student must have a bachelor's degree in agricultural sciences from one of the Egyptian universities subject to the law of organizing universities or an equivalent degree in agricultural sciences or related disciplines from another scientific institute recognized by a general grade of "good" and at least a "very good" grade in the subject of specialization. In case of more than one course, The average of the total number of subjects of specialization shall be calculated by the relevant department council. Students with Bachelor's degree in Agricultural Sciences may be admitted to a grade of "Good" at least in the General Division or from a Division in violation of the Specialized Division for the Master's degree, provided that the student completes the specialization courses of 18 credit hours from the required bachelor's degree courses specified by the department. (Supplementary courses) and pass them with a grade of at least "very good"
2- Students enrolled from non-research institutions should study at least two days per week.
3- The student must submit an application form to register for the master's degree to the head of the relevant department council, who shall refer it to the department council for the opinion. The college council shall decide on the application for registration on the proposal of the relevant department council.
4- The student must register for the master's degree not exceeding the period from the date of obtaining a bachelor's degree in agricultural sciences ten years and at least a "good" general assessment.

Conditions of Degree Award Degree Awarding Requirements

Master Degree in Agricultural Sciences requires:

1- The student should continue studying and research for at least two years from the date of approval of the faculty Council.
2- The student should pursue the study according to what is stated in Article (2) of these bylaws.
3- The student will conduct research on the subject approved by the faculty Board on the proposal of the Board of the department concerned, and may the College Board on the recommendation of the main supervisor and the approval of the competent department council may authorize the applicant to conduct some research outside the college.
4- The student should make a presentation of the results of its research in a panel discussion "great" special faculty members in the department before agreeing to the formation of the judging panel and discussion of the message.
5- The registration shall be canceled if the student does not get a master's degree in four years from the date of registration and may be extended under the student one year only after AD at the request of the main supervisor and the recommendation of the department concerned and the approval of the board of the faculty board on it.