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Our Early Origins

1957 : Establishment of First Agricultural Higher Institute, It has been affiliated with the Ministry of Education
1969 : The institute was converted into a Faculty of Agriculture affiliated with Assiut University
1976 : Issuance of Presidential Decree No. 93 of 1976 to establish Minia University (at that time it included five faculties which are : Agriculture, Engineering, Arts, Education and Science).
The Agriculture Faculty buildings are currently located within the university campus (northwest of Minia city), with an area of 36000 square meters.
It is divided into five main buildings, which are Building A, and it includes the faculty administration, six scientific departments, the library and the computer lab. While building (B) includes the other six academic departments and faculty mangements
Building (C) includes six auditoriums,
Building (D) includes offices for student welfare and student activities
Building (E) includes the laboratories for the land analysis.
The annexe building includes the animal production & poultry farm , it is located outside the campus (behind the Faculty of Dentistry).
Since 2006, the faculty has been applying the credit hours study system, and It grants bachelor's degrees in eight scientific majors, as well as a postgraduate diploma in fourteen scientific majors, master's degrees and doctorates in 27 scientific majors.
The study language in Arabic for B.Cs students, on the other hand the study language for postgraduate students are Arabic and English .
The faculty has a strong, organized and experienced adminstration, with 213 employees and 91 workers.
The faculty has eight private centers and units that include 14 different departments, Also it plays its role in the service of the faculty community & university and local community.
The Office of Citizens Service (CSO) also plays an important role as the liaison between the faculty as a scientific center, an educational beacon and the community by Providing all agricultural services and consultations.