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The College of Agriculture, Minia University is one of the oldest colleges of agriculture in Egypt and the Arab world and Africa, Its establishment returns to 1957 where it began as a highly agricultural institution part of the Ministry of Education at that time, then turned to the College of Agriculture in 1969, followed Assiut University, until the issuance of Presidential Decree No. 93 of 1976, by the establishment of Minia University. Buildings of College of Agriculture is currently Located inside the campus (north-west of the city of Minya), the area of buildings is 36,000 m 2 and is divided into five main buildings. Building (a) includes management of the College and six scientific departments and the library, computer lab, while building (b) includes the rest of the scientific departments of the faculty and the rest of the other six departments of the college. building (c) includes total of six runways, while building includes (d) the offices of student care and student activities, building (e) includes the laboratory of land analysis, water and plant material. While the extension of farm buildings and livestock production of poultry are located outside the campus (where the old building behind the College Faculty of Dentistry) Since the year 2006 The college has followed the system of credit hours in study, and grants bachelor's degrees in eight modern scientific disciplines, and gives the degree of Diploma in fourteen scientific disciplines and master's and doctoral degrees in 27 majors scientific disciplines. Arabic Language is the language of study for undergraduate students, while Arabic and English is the language of study for students of post graduate studies.
there are altogether twelve scientific Department that include 186 faculty members (including 125 professors) and 48 lecturer and assistant professor, and the number of undergraduate students is (in the academic year 2011/2012) 690 students (including 335 females and 355 males), While the stage of post graduate studies include (18) students registered for a diploma, and (161) students registered for the Master's degree, and (123) students registered for a Ph.D. The College has awarded during the last five years 133 for diploma degree and 184 for master's degree and 89 for PhD degree.
The College has a strong management and a deep experience that includes 213 employees and 91 workers. It contains overall eight centers and special units that involve 14 different Division, in turn, to the fullest, both in the service of the college community and the university or the local community of Minya Governorate and its neighbors. As well as the Office of Citizens Services (CSO) plays the role of liaison between the college as a scientific and educational center and the community of Minya Governorate and its neighbors to provide all the services and agricultural consulting.