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Post graduate diploma conditions:

Rules and Regulations of post graduate diploma in Agricultural Sciences
Fields of study
Minia University shall be granted at the request of the faculty of Agriculture Council for Diplomas in the fields of specialization specified by the faculty Departments, as shown in the table on the following page:
The study of diplomas deals with scientific decisions of an academic nature of one academic year (two semesters) and the duration of each semester is 15 weeks. The aim is to increase the student's knowledge, develop his abilities and strengthen his scientific background in a particular field of specialization.
Registration Schedule
The enrollment of the diplomas shall be once a year and applications for registration shall be submitted during the first half of August of each year.
Study Rules
1- The period of study in the diploma is two semesters with one academic year for applicants who are accepted by the relevant department council of holders of bachelor's degree in agricultural sciences or equivalent degree in agricultural or related sciences from another recognized scientific institute.
2. The student's success is determined in the courses as indicated in paragraph (6) of Article (11). If the student fails, he will be tested in the following subjects in the next academic year (November). If he fails for the second time in one of these courses, The study is evening according to the schedules determined by the college administration.
3. The maximum score of the total score of each course is calculated at 100 degrees. The examination for the written examination is 60 degrees, the practical exam 30 degrees, the oral exam 10 degrees, and the oral examination committees are set up in the same system as the bachelor's degree courses.
4 - The student enrolled in postgraduate diploma study decisions 30 credit hours on the proposal of the Council of the relevant department and the approval of the faculty council, including 24 credit hours compulsory courses for each diploma and 6 credit hours optional elective courses proposed by the department concerned each diploma and the approval of the council the faculty.