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Staff Quality assurance unit

The faculty administration consists of

Faculty Dean

Prof. Dr. Samah Abdel Rahman Mahmoud

Vice Dean for Education and Students Affairs

prof. Dr. Tayeb Sayed Abbas

Vice Dean for postgraduate and Research

Prof. Dr. Samar Mustafa Kamal

Vice Dean for Environmental Affairs

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Antar abo Raya

Electronic Services Unit

Manger of the unit

Dr. Mohammed Antar Abu Raya

Representative Web Portal

Eng: Hala Hassanein Ali

Systems Representative

Mr. Mohamed Al-Mangi

Networks Technician

Mr. Ahmed Kamal

Manger of Development and Quality Unit

Dr. Yusri Ezzat


Mr. Mahmoud Abou El Ezz

Manger of Dean's Office

Mr. Sayed Farid Ahmed

Manger of employee Affairs

Ms. Amal Ahmed Mohammed

Manger of Youth care

Mr. Ihab Tolba Abdul Hassib

Faculty Registrar

    Mr. Ali Ahmed Abdel-Gawad

Manger of Financial Affairs 

Mr. Abdullah Omar

Manger of postgraduate

Ms. Fatma Othman Hassan

Manger of the Library

Mr. Essam Morsi Abdel Hamid

Manger of Cultural Relations

Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Snoussi

Treasury Manger

Mr. Ali Mohamed Abdel Razek

Maintenance Representative

Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Faraj

Public Affairs and Administration Department Representative

Mr. Shaaban Mahmoud Ibrahim

The laboratory department manager

Mr. Sabra Kamal Ibrahim