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Competition for students
Puplish date: 2020-01-02

The Cultural Affairs and Scholarships Sector in the Ministry of Higher Education organizes a cultural competition for universities and technical institutes students, and the topics covered by the competition included environmental problems and how to preserve it. The first topic is "Global warming and its impact on countries and societies " , the second topic dealt with "international environmental agreements", the third topic "desertification and land degradation", and the fourth topic is about "biological diversity in Egypt." Development also included applying for the competition, as the administration made it easier for students to send participation papers through the following link: https://www.mohe-casm.edu.eg/cdcc/competitions/competitions_details.jsp The report indicated that the competition is offered for the first time in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment, and it was agreed to double the financial awards for students who won a contribution from the Ministry of Environment, in addition to the reward allocated by the Ministry of Higher Education Deadline for receiving research is the first of April 2020