MU President Inspects first-Term Exams of Agriculture and Art Education

Minia University President, Prof. Dr. Mostafa Abd El-Naby accompanied by Prof. Dr. Essam El-Din Sadeq Farhat, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, conducted an inspection visit to the faculties of agriculture and art education to follow up the regularity of the first-term exams and to ensure that all precautionary measures are applied to prevent the Coronavirus.

Prof.Dr. Abd El Nabi stressed students' commitment to wear the medical masks inside examination halls, there is a sufficient distance between each student and another, and to adhere to public health and prevention controls, most notably the need for students to obtain the Corona virus vaccine as a condition for entering exams.

During his tour, he was accompanied by Vice President for Education and Student Affairs Prof. Dr. Essam Farahat, Prof.Dr. Amal Abu Zaid, Dean of the faculty of Art Education, Prof.Dr. Hamdan Ibrahim, Dean of the faculty of Agriculture, vice deans of the two faculties observers in the committees, and administrative security manager at the university .