Minia University gives 20 % of jobs for special needs in scholarship of Hotel training
Dr. Gamal El-Din Ali Abou El-Magd, President of Minia University, announced that the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels Minia University in cooperation with the Foundation of Misr ElKhair and in partnership with the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels Helwan University and supported and funded by the project of decent jobs for youth of Egypt and implemented by the International Labor Organization and funded by international affairs - Canada To provide the hotel training program to qualify the youth of the university and the governorates of Upper Egypt to join the labor market in the field of hotels and restaurants, in addition to the allocation and provide 20% of the jobs provided by the grant for people with special needs, stressing that the University is keen to cooperate with The various institutions of society to provide decent work opportunities for university graduates and the sons of the governorate.