Minia university president visits exams of open Education suddenly

تاريخ النشر: 2017-11-07

Dr. Gamal El-Din El-Magd, President of Minia University, accompanied by Dr. Mustafa Abdel-Nabi, Vice President for Education and Students Affairs, on a surprise tour during which he follow the committees of the examinations of open education programs. Dr. Jamal Abu El-Magd said that the university is exerting all its efforts and taking all necessary measures to implement the rules governing the examinations and does not allow any excesses to improve the open education and rehabilitation of graduates in various fields for the labor market. He stressed that the role of the university and the Ministry of Higher Education is the regulation of open education programs At the level of the graduate and his ability to compete in the labor market, adding that starting from the next academic year will open the door to the progress of 15 new professional diplomas ranging from one to two years of study, in addition to integrated e-learning to maximize the benefit Dah for schools.

Mai El-Sabawy